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What would happen to your personal or business files if you had a fire or theft?

Posted by Admin Posted on June 21 2013

Computers fill our life and our work.  They faithfully accumulate our wedding pictures, our company's books, and the ceaseless emails we get and send.  But, unless you back it up, all that data can be gone like a flash of lightning.


You buy insurance for your homes and businesses, because disasters happen.  Think of your backups as data insurance.  We don't like to think about what might happen, but good backups can make any disaster a little more survivable.  All you'll have to do is setup a new computer and restore your backups.

We recently engaged the services of Office to Go (Phone 954-757-6226) to manage our backup solutions. They came out to our office, did an analysis of our backup needs and provided an estimate of costs. We were pleasantly surprised at how affordable the system is and relieved to know that we are protected in multiple ways. The cost of rebuilding data, if possible, would be enormous.


In terms of personal data such as photos we are now in the digital age. So many people are not printing pictures, just storing them. Losing your precious memories is a hard drive failure away.


How It Works


Office To Go Complete Back-Up Solution is designed to protect your critical data from permanent loss. Utilizing a standard Internet connection, your data is securely and remotely backed up.

State-of-the-art data encryption ensures your data is protected. An intuitive user interface makes setting up your backup straightforward and simple.

We don't normally recommend one product or service, but we are so pleased with their service, pricing and responsiveness that we wanted to share this with you.

We have heard so many horror stories of loss of data that we urge everyone to assess their risk and act accordingly.